Why I easily kiss my colleagues passionately on movie set – Sandra Okunzuwa reveals

Nollywood actress Sandra Okunzuwa, has disclosed how she can pull off a romantic movie part where she has to kiss another actor.


She told Saturday Beats that she was trained to mimic her demeanor and facial characteristics while groaning to create the idea that something dramatic or passionate was happening all the time.


According to the thespian, she said that to prevent saliva from being exchanged, there should be no tongue contact made when kissing another actor.


Sandra Okunzuwa also reveals that contrary to popular belief, movie sets aren’t typically favorable to romantic kissing scenes. The actress asserted that she never developed an emotional bond with any actor she kissed. According to her:


“I was told that the individuals could just play with their lips and eyes, then moan to give the impression that they were doing something intense. I have always abided by that, and I avoid any form of tongue contact or exchange of saliva because I don’t know who that other person has been with. I don’t know their medical condition.”


“Sometimes, people ask if I get emotionally attached to any actor that I kiss. The answer is actually ‘no’, because the place that one is filming in is not even so conducive. The air conditioner is off, and the lighting usually makes one feel hot.”


“Besides, there are a lot of people in the same room behind the camera watching, what one is doing. This is even as one is sweating and trying to memorize one’s lines.”

Manuel Santibenez
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