Who is Santibenez — Biography and business life

When it comes to blogging  in Nigeria, one of the top names that come to mind is Manuel Santibenez. It will be almost impossible for his name not to come to mind when blogging is mentioned because he has shown that you can find a way to create value out of your passion and ultimately monetize it.

He is a writer, web developer, content creator, an entrepreneur and a successful blogger. He has mastered the art of feeding people the kind of news they want to hear through Daily Gist Hub  and he makes cool cash while at it. Many youths especially young men  are inspired by his success story and believe they can achieve anything they put their heart to besides cyber crime.

Let’s take a leap into how Manuel Santibenez journey started.

Manuel Santibenez biography

Manuel Santibenez was born on the 2nd of May to a Christian parent from irepodun, a local government area in kwara state.
He writes fictional stories at a young age of 10. His fascination about news and interviews was what endeared him into pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Unfortunately, he was admitted to study Public Administration in Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa ( formerly gateway ICT polytechnic Igbesa)  instead of Mass Communication where he gained his National Diploma Certificate in Public Administration.

Manuel Santibenez Struggles

As an average Nigerian born into a humble background, Manuel Santibenez also had his fair share of financial struggle while growing up. In a bid to assist himself through school and support his parents as well, Manuel started working from age 13, from a bartender to a motor boy  and ushering. He did not allow his background put him back but rather saw it as an opportunity to explore and sharpen his talent which is paying off today.

Manuel Santibenez Journey into Blogging

It was in the year 2020 he  started blogging as a hobby using blogger.com with his blog name as manuelblog.blogspot.com.

Manuel Santibenez had no set goals for his blogging hobby and blogged for many months before making any money from it. He later obtained manuelblog.com.ng before been rebranded and changed to dailygisthub.com

The media entrepreneur is now a celebrity blogger who is considered to be one of the most successful blogger in the  world.

Controversial side of Manuel Santibenez

His blog which is also known for  hot gossips  has caused lots of controversial arguments with celebrities, politicians and top delegates.

Manuel Santibenez Net Worth

There are different submissions about Manuel Santibenez net worth but it’s no news that he is rising to be a  multi-millionaire

According to online source Manuel Santibenez networth is estimated  to be around $50k

Manuel Santibenez
Manuel Santibenez is the Editor and Publisher of Daily Gist Hub. A native of Kwara state and a Christian by faith. He bagged his Diploma Certificate in Public Administration at the Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa. His networth is estimated around $50k