Tech:Tinubu to introduce birthday/ death registration portal by Wednesday

President Bola Tinubu plans to introduce a new electronic system for tracking births, deaths, and important stats by Wednesday.This, along with a geospatial data hub, will be unveiled soon.

Nasir Kwarra, the head of the National Population Commission, spilled the beans about this at a briefing in Abuja. He says it’s all about beefing up how we gather and use data on births and deaths.

The big idea here is to amp up our ability to record and make sense of vital stats. They’re aiming to do this over a decade, from 2023 to 2030, in line with a global goal for sustainable development.

This whole thing is a tag-team effort between the National Population Commission and the UN Children’s Fund. They’re going digital to make handling data cheaper and more efficient.

This digital system covers a bunch of civil records like births, deaths, marriages, and more. It’ll also give out digital certificates and allow authorized groups to verify them.

This shift from old-school paper records to high-tech digital methods is set to change how we document and analyze important life events.

That’s not all. Alongside this, they’re rolling out a new geospatial data bank. It’s packed with info collected through advanced tech, and it’s there for both public and private use.

They’re also kicking off the CRVS National Coordination Committee as part of the launch. This is all thanks to President Tinubu.

So, the plan is to modernize how we handle vital stats, and also make a bunch of data available to the public and private sectors.

It’s a big move toward using technology for smarter data management, all with the aim of improving how we understand and record life’s most significant events.

Manuel Santibenez
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