POS attendant burst in tears after losing her smart phone to customer who withdrew N500 (Video)

DAILY GIST HUB correspondence spotted a video that is trending on social media that captured the moment a female POS attendant cries uncontrollably after a customer who withdrew N500 stole her phone while she was busy.

The POS attendant shares how she was tricked by the strange man who kept playing around her table with a handkerchief.


The attendant narrated the man’s attempt to distract her with a handkerchief as she was counting her money.


She said she kept her android phone on the table to pin down the money she has counted, while the customer kept hovering around the table with his handkerchief.


She had observed his movements with the table, and was cautious of her mobile device.


few minutes later after the man left her place, she was shocked after finding out that her smart phone has been stolen,

The POS attendant then bursts into tears when she tried dialling her missing phone, to learn that it was switched off.


Watch the video below:

Manuel Santibenez
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