My friend denied me of attending her wedding because I could not afford to buy the Asoebi –Lady cries out.

A Nigerian  bride has reportedly denied her friend from attending her wedding because she didn’t have money to buy aso ebi, even after she explained that she couldn’t afford it.

According to a Twitter user @g bemmie, who narrated the story on the platform, she had been looking forward to her friend’s wedding for a long time, but now the bride has denied her invitation.

The lady said, after she explained that she couldn’t afford the material due to financial obligations, the bride insisted that her wedding party would adhere strictly to the “No aso ebi, no entry rule”.

According to her, the reason for this rule is that the bride wants uniformity at the event, which she concluded from her conversation with the bride.

“I was really looking forward to attending my friend’s wedding but we move. No aso ebi, no entry. I can’t afford the aso ebi cos I have other budgeted commitments. She said I can’t attend if I don’t buy. Says event planner is in charge.

Well from our chat I guess she has an image of what she wants. I wish I could buy it but it’s out of my budget for now. Na to siddon for house o. At least I would save makeup and spray money. She said it without mincing word. I just don’t want to share our chat.” Her tweet read.

Manuel Santibenez
Manuel Santibenez is the Editor and Publisher of Daily Gist Hub. A native of Kwara state and a Christian by faith. He bagged his Diploma Certificate in Public Administration at the Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa. His networth is estimated around $50k
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