Guests flee as bees attack traditional wedding venue in Anambra after it was set on same day as….

DAILY GIST HUB gathered that  Guests at a  recently held traditional wedding held  in Okija, Anambra run for dear life as a swarm of bees swoops down on them and begins attacking them at the wedding venue.

Our correspondence spotted the the incident on  Instagram .

According to the reporter, he and his team had gone to Anambra for a traditional wedding gig.

During the event, the elders refused giving the lady the palm to search for her husband among the crowd, as is customary in the culture.

Their reason had been that the event had been set on the same day as the town’s market day, which is frowned upon.

It was reported that a swarm of bees charged to the place and began attacking the guests, disrupting the event.

A video shared online captures the guests run while swatting at the bees which trailed after them.

The eyewitness narrated:

“…this happened in Anambra Okija, My worst experience so far in okija anambara state where we went for a gig (traditional wedding) the elders refused to give the lady palm wine to search for her husband, because today was there market day, behold few minutes later bees from no where att®*cked all the kings men & it wasn’t funny sha”

Manuel Santibenez
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