Actress Ruby Ojiakor send strong message to senior colleague, Anita Joseph

Popular Nollywood actress and scriptwriter, Ruby Ojiakor recently took to her social media handles  to call out her senior colleague, Anita Joseph.


DAILY GIST HUB gathered that Ruby Ojiakor sternly warned Anita Joseph never to question her for not celebrating her birthday.


The movie producer noted how Anita Joseph did not celebrate her when she got her mother a new house but expected her to celebrate her.

Ruby also  threatened that till the world ends, Anita Joseph should never query her for that. She emphasized that she always celebrates people regardless of their level, but Anita Joseph did not reciprocate the gesture.


“I don’t know how some persons rate others, or how people see their fellow of how they see you? I don’t know how people reason. For, Ruby Ojiakor, she respects and loves everywhere.


I don’t celebrate you based on your level. If you are for me, I am for you. If you celebrate me, I will celebrate you.

“I am making this video because of Anita Joseph, don’t try to query me for not celebrating you till the world end. Don’t call or send DM, and don’t try it again.


“I built a house for my mother, you didn’t celebrate me beautifully I am not at your level. Then, you have the right, to query me for not celebrating your birthday. Did you celebrate with me? Now, you want me to celebrate you”. She said

Captioning the video, she wrote:


One good turn deserves another. Stop looking down on others. because nobody knows tomorrow.


“What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.


“God bless everyone”.

Manuel Santibenez
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